The b2fair at ICT Spring 2018

  • Business meetings during two days
  • Strategic partnerships in the ICT community in Europe & beyond
  • Insight into the latest technological advances and innovations in the ICT sector
Dates: 15th & 16th may 2018
Venue: European Convention Center Luxembourg
The b2fair matchmaking event takes place during the ICT Spring Europe in Luxembourg.
  • A combination of matchmaking activities and trade fairs 
  • Over 10 years of international experience 
  • Network of international business partners
  • More than 100 events organized during trade fairs and international congresses
  • Participation of 25.000 companies
  • Organisation of 175.000 business meetings


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ICT Spring Europe is one of Europe’s largest and most international information-communication-technology conferences.

It is held each year in Luxembourg City and dedicated to provide an overview on the latest relevant trends and innovations as well as their impact on society and the working world. The fair offers you the possibility to find the right business partner within the ICT community and involves an exclusive program of interesting seminars and presentations.


The 2018’s edition will feature 3 main topics:

  • FINTECH: Blockchain / Banking Stars/ Innotribe / VCs Insights
  • DIGITAL: Storytellers/ Future of Movies/ Digital Realities/ New Digital Frontiers
  • SPACE: Space Application: Technology, Financing, competitiveness, entrepreneurship / Space Exploration: conquest of space, space mining, earth observation, space resource

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b2fair Fintech Business Meetings at ICT Spring

This year, a special forum “Fintech meetings” will be organised in during the b2fair Matchmaking Event at ICT Spring in close collaboration with the Luxembourg House of Fintech. This forum is organised with the aim to highlight the participation of Fintech companies and encourage partnerships and exchange of new market trends in the sector.


As a globally recognised financial centre with international outreach Luxembourg has positioned itself as a world leader in the sphere of digital financial services and a financial technology hub. The strength of Luxembourg’s financial market makes it the natural location for developing a FinTech start-up. It is a fast-growing sector. At the end of 2016, there were already around 150 FinTech companies, of which 2/3 were under 3 years old. For more information visit the website of the Luxembourg House of Fintech: 




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