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2M KABLO Turkey


Cable production for Oil and Gas industry, Industrial applications, Building, Automation

We produce Instrumentation, Control, Fire Resistant, Marine and Power cables for various industries including Oil and Gas, Building, Automation and Marine industries.

Coil winding, transformer and electric motor manufacturing technology
Industrial automation - Process automation, factory automation and integrated industrial and building automation systems
Industrial supply – supply solutions and lightweight construction
Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and electronics

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4dot Mechatronic Systems s.r.o. Czech Republic


technology and services for condition monitoring of machine, specialization in forming machines, design testing process and test rig

We develop technology and provide services that increase availability and performance of production system, increase quality of the production through condition monitoring of machines, tools and processes. Our technology is based on mechatronics, signal processing, mechanical engineering and ICT.

Industrial services, maintenance and condition monitoring

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4Europe EEIG Luxembourg


Team of consultants specialised in the field of regional / national and European fundraising for R&D projects.

The company has an experienced team of multi-sectoral consultants in the field of European funded projects (FP7, Horizon2020) as well as national funded projects (Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium). It offers know-how in the following fields: - technical and economical evaluation of R&D projects; - diagnosis stating the chances of a project; - search for the right partners to set up a promising consortium; - identification and description of relevant markets; - evaluation of projects potential to participate in RTD and UE programmes; - carrying up of the request for projects funding; - accompaniment in the different stages of projects development; - technical and administrative management of projects. Moreover, the company offers support to companies, universities, research institutes and NGO´s to develop their ideas into value through European programmes: - by creating networks and synergies around ideas and innovation; - by setting the client´s ideas in well structured project proposals to the EC funded programmes with higher success rates; - from the seed to the fruit: accompanying the client from the project idea to its full growth - from the clearing of IPR issues to the market penetration.

Advisory & Consulting
Communication Technology
Energy - Renewable and conventional power generation, transmission & distribution
Funding & Finance
Hybrid and electronic powertrain technologies, mobile energy storage and alternative mobility solutions
Information Technology
Power Plant Design, Systems, Operation & Maintenance
Power transmission and control
Transport & logistics

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AAG MAKİNA is progressing on its path with the belief that; the most important condition in order that the company, the product and the service is to be good, it is to become professional. - Cooled Pressurised Air Driers, - Pressurised Air Filters, - Air Driers with Adsorption, - Intercoolers , - Oxygen Generators , - Nitrogen Generators It is our products that we provide for you.

Industrial subcontracting
Machine tools

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Addit Netherlands


System Supplier ans Technology Partner with the core competence sheet metal engineering, production and assembly

The Compoany is a System Supplier of both custom made: > Sheet metal parts, assemblies and welded frames. > Mechatronic assemblies, modules, systems and complete machines. Our core-competence is in engineering and manufacturing complex structures from thin sheet metal. The Company is a ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company. Furthermore the enterprise has been certified for welding according to DIN EN 15085 Class 2, ISO 3834-2 and DIN 2303 Q2 BK2. We are located in Venlo The Netherlands and a sister company in Wegrow Poland.

Industrial subcontracting

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Investment projects public support

The institution is the instrument that the regional government of Castilla y Leon has devoted to the entrepreneurial development and the services for the companies. It belongs to the Regional Ministry of Economy and Treasury, and it works in three main areas: Innovation, Financing and Internacionalization. The Foreign Investments Area, embodied in the International Department, is aimed to the detection of new investments projects all over the world, as in the management of these projects once they have set up, offering a permanent aftercare service. On the other hand, through the Leading Enterprises Program, the institution keeps a continuous contact with the most important companies in every sector, easing the business opportunities and the entrepreneurial development of Castilla y Leon.

Global Business & Markets

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Advanced Graphene Products sp. z o.o. Poland


Graphene materials supply and graphene application R&D: High Strength Metallurgical Graphene, CVD Graphene,

ABOUT Advanced Graphene Products Company is a nanotechnological venture focused on large-scale production and supply of graphene materials and development of graphene applications. Founded in 2012, AGP has prepared a highly efficient graphene manufacturing process and established industrial recognition as a fully-fledged partner. PRODUCTS AGP offers a unique selection of graphene materials, including: • large-scale HSMG® graphene sheets, • high quality CVD graphene, • graphene grown on SiC, • various forms of graphene oxides and reduced graphene oxides. All parameters of our graphene sheets (size, substrates, etc.) can be tailored to your individual needs. We also provide a wide offer related to the preparation of metal contacts on graphene samples for any electrical measurements. SERVICES We offer assistance in any queries regarding graphene materials. Our standard services are: • scientific assistance in graphene characterization, processing methods and data analysis; • availability of our specialized equipment (Raman spectroscopy, SEM, etc.) and conducting commissioned measurements; • partnership in research initiatives, especially those aimed at the development of graphene applications; • advanced as well as introductory training sessions on graphene processing methods (including theoretical background and practical courses). Our Sales Support in collaboration with our R&D Department will readily answer all your questions about our products and collaboration, available research equipment and scientific knowledge. HSMG High-Strength Metallurgical Graphene (HSMG®) is a large-area polycrystalline graphene sheet, characterized by unique stability and durability. Our patented manufacturing method is based on the graphene crystallization on the surface of liquid metal. Liquid matrix enables the grain rotation and rearrangement during nucleation process which results in larger grain sizes and improved graphene properties. Method was originated at the Institute of Materials Science and Engineering (Lodz University of Technology, Poland) and developed in collaboration with AGP. Remarkable properties of HSMG® include:  monocrystalline grain sizes up to 1 mm  exceptional tensile strength and elongation (more than double in comparison to commercially available CVD graphene)  stable mechanical and physical properties under conditions of thermal fatigue  very high graphene coverage (>95%)  easy transfer onto various substrates.

Energy - Renewable and conventional power generation, transmission & distribution
Microtechnology, nanotechnology, and laser micro-materials processing

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Afra Crystal Products Ghana


Manufacturing of industrial detergent,burnt bricks,leather products and interior decoration designers.

Afra Crystal Products is a firm that deals in detergents,clay as well as general trading,it was formed in the year 2000 as a sole proprietorship business in the aforementioned.LEGAL BUSINESS DESCRIPTION :AFRA CRYSTAL PRODUCTS(Afra Crystal) and is a legal registered firm on the 15th September 2000.It;s head office is located in the Kumasi in the Ashanti Region.The official address is AFRA CRYSTAL PRODUCTS P.O.BOX BA 37,BANTAMA KUMASI.ASHANTI REGION GHANA Afra crystal products has attended many entrepreneurship training programs of which was mainly businesses and it is also an accredited member of the Ghana chamber of commerce and industry


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AHP International GmbH & Co. KG Germany

International Business Development

The Company is one of Germany’s leading service providers in the field of international business development. We pride ourselves in liaising with our international and national clients in a truly global setting and with a wealth of experience in developing businesses. In addition to supporting German companies reaching out to the global market the company strives to assist foreign and overseas businesses in entering and settling new markets in Germany and Europe. Our comprehensive services for international clients interested in developing their presence in the German and European markets are three-fold: -Corporate consulting in business & market development -Public sector trade missions and trade fair projects -FDI Promotion in Germany and selected European Markets The Company covers all relevant and key markets within the European Union (including Switzerland, Norway and Turkey) offering a vast knowledge of the economic and cultural characteristics of individual regions and locations.

Global Business & Markets

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AHP International Inc. United States


Specialists in International Strategy, Growth & Implementation

The Company, is an international strategic business consulting firm, based in suburban Philadelphia, and the newest member of the AHP International Group, one of Europe’s leading providers of global business development, strategic consulting, trade promotion and foreign direct investment advisory. While providing US based support to global clients, our company will focus on advising US companies and investors as well as trade and business organizations in all aspects of their strategic global business development and investment, including, among other things, formulating growth strategies, identifying market, partner and acquisition opportunities, developing strategic plans and facilitating the implementation of initiatives, throughout Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, Africa and Latin America. The Company doesn’t focus on using “on-size-fits all” products, but instead offers its clients fully-integrated customized solutions for a wide-range of business issues. It prides itself on being a true “partner” to its clients carefully guiding them from the commencement of their business through maturity. Whether the client needs help figuring out whether to enter a market, set up and improve your sales, marketing or distribution, devise a new strategic plan, or find an acquisition partner, the company is prepared to assist you.

Global Business & Markets

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